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I spend a lot of time talking about how I make side money to help me with my loan payments. Below is a list of some of the different applications and programs I use to make side money. As I write articles about each of these methods, I will post links to the articles below. Please note that most links are affiliate or referral links. I will earn a small reward if you sign up using any of the links below. If you sign up using the links, thank you for helping me pay my student debt. In many cases, you will also earn an additional reward for signing up using a referral link.

Phone Apps
-SlideJoy - This app is only available for Android phones. It places an ads on your lock screen, and you get paid for unlocking your phone. I earn about $2-4 a month using this app.

-Viggle - I do not earn much with this app, but I am able to get free RedBox rentals every now and then. When I had cable, I was able to earn much more on Viggle.

The following 6 apps are all apps for grocery rebates. Eventually, I will get into the details of each of them, but you can earn cash back for buying things that you would normally buy.
-Ibotta - My referral code is 2rvzha. This a great way to earn cash back on groceries. The offers are constantly changing, and they offer teamwork bonuses every month.
-Checkout51 - The offers change weekly here. Almost every week there is a rebate for a fruit or vegetable featured.
-Snap - This grocery rebate app is run by Groupon. When it first started some people had problems getting their rebates approved which is why there may be some bad reviews out there. I have used the app many time and have never had an issue.
-CartSmart - I don't use this app very often, because a lot of the deals do not interest me. It works very similar to the other grocery apps.
-Saving Star - The best feature of this app is that they offer one free item every Friday. It is typically something small, but a free grocery item is not something that I typically pass up. They also have a produce discount every week. It is typically a percentage off, but every little bit helps.
-Shopmium - Use my referral code, KEMCHGKE for a FREE Lindt Chocolate bar. Similar to CartSmart, this app doesn't have a lot of offers for me. I wish they did because as soon as a rebate is approved, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account. There is no minimum that has to be in your account for transfer.

I use the following two apps to upload my receipts after I am done shopping. These apps do not require purchase of any particular item.
-Receipt Pal - This app is extremely easy to use however the oppurtunities for earning are limited. I still use it because earning a $3 Amazon gift card for scanning my receipt is super easy.
-Receipt Hog - You can sign up using the link or my referral code: KOF85098. Similar to Receipt Pal, all you have to do is upload receipts. Receipt Hog is constantly changing to allow you to be able to upload more types of receipts. Earning on Receipt Hog is much faster than earning on Receipt Pal.

Get Paid To...
The following three sites are all sites that you can earn money on by completing specific activities.
-Swagbucks - My favorite of the get paid to apps. Through Swagbucks, I earn at least $50 dollars a month. I will likely have many posts on this site in the future.
-InboxDollars - I do not earn as much on this site as Swagbucks, but I earn about $15 a month.
-Zoombucks - This is a site that I use minimally because I find the rewards with Swagbucks and InboxDollars to be better. I do earn about $5 a month on this site, primarily by watching videos.

-Ebates - If you are shopping on-line, you should be using Ebates to get cash back. All you have to do is use Ebates to access to site that you are going to make your purchase from. This works for all kinds of purchases including travel.
-Bing Rewards - This is the easiest way to get free money that I have found. All you have to do is use Bing to search on your phone and computer. I can easily earn 1 or 2 $5 Amazon gift cards a month. You can also redeem your reward points for Swagbucks.
-Qmee - I typically earn less than $1 a month from Qmee. When you install a Qmee extension on your browser and perform a web search. It will pop up a pane on the results page with relevant links to their partners websites. If you click on any of the links, you have the possibility to earn some money. The best part about Qmee is that the amount that you earn will be listed next to the link before you click it.

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